Binging with Babish: The Perfect Bite from YOU (Netflix)

Publicerades den 11 feb 2020
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Do yourself a favor: don't start "You" if you don't have a full day in which to binge the entire series. This soapy-fun Netflix series is, at its core, about dating...albeit in a frightening and murderous way. And dating, at its core, is about food - so it was inevitable that there end up being some delectable food porn in this stalker-rom-com. Today, we explore not only the passionately-prepared roast chicken, but the idea of the perfect bite itself!
Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free
My playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish!
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Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish
  • Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish

    11 dagar sedan

    Future episode: Benji's peanut oil latte?

    • Alana LaVey

      Alana LaVey

      19 timmar sedan


    • maidenbleu


      2 dagar sedan

      This would be far off the beaten path (RE: niche), but I would love to see ANY recipe from the anime Food Wars. The show has me drooling and I think it would be a challenge. They hint at ingredients and methods but no proportions, etc. Thanks Babish for your dedication, hard work, and inspiration. <3

    • King_Mike_X


      4 dagar sedan

      Can a future episode be Ozoni Soup from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

    • Emilie Clark

      Emilie Clark

      4 dagar sedan

      Do the perfect egg bite from joe pera talks with you

    • A Coin

      A Coin

      4 dagar sedan

      Oh my god. That egg yolk thing has given me the most diabolical idea... Why must you tempt me, Babish!? You know I can't help myself!

  • Umar farouq

    Umar farouq

    10 timmar sedan

    What about a babish version of a babish version??? 😅😅
    P.S Any dish would work... I suppose

  • Hailey Alice

    Hailey Alice

    11 timmar sedan

    the auto generated subtitles for this episodes were..... surprisingly good. huh.

  • Tears Drop

    Tears Drop

    11 timmar sedan

    I don’t think anyone will see this or has said this but when Jess couldn’t spin her pasta and Babish handed hers his, my heart melted 🥰🥰🥰

  • Chris Dikiy

    Chris Dikiy

    11 timmar sedan

    I like the channel and all, but when you try to voice over a conversation it's just to weird

  • Aung Thu Hein

    Aung Thu Hein

    14 timmar sedan

    Can you please do a veg series?

  • Melanin Fujoshi

    Melanin Fujoshi

    15 timmar sedan

    I love jess

  • TheOfficialxPlayz


    17 timmar sedan

    also from jaiden animations.

  • Jassy


    17 timmar sedan

    i love the tiny breaks

  • levi levis

    levi levis

    22 timmar sedan

    You need to make Lobster Thermidor Aux Crevettes with Mornay Sauce garnished with Truffle Pate, Brandy, A fried egg on top, and SPAM!

  • Sarah Curtis

    Sarah Curtis

    22 timmar sedan

    I have to know, what’s up with the dishwasher or whatever? Every episode, it’s going nuts and no one else is mentioning it.

  • Adam H

    Adam H

    Dag sedan

    those smashed taters!

  • Rishi Iyer

    Rishi Iyer

    Dag sedan

    Babish is exploiting his relationship for views...

    ...and I’m loving every second of it.

  • Anna Christine

    Anna Christine

    Dag sedan

    I would like to say that I think that was more of a red wine reduction or maybe a demi glacé in the show? But I guess she didn’t SAY demi glacé so we can’t give it the pass...

  • ••••••


    Dag sedan


  • Kurisu


    Dag sedan

    Babishian? Babician? Good traditions anyway.

  • Amradye


    Dag sedan

    Well, I have confirmed that I still do not have the bravery or stomach to be a good chef. So I will cheer for the ones who do.
    Go Babish!

  • NathanDee307


    Dag sedan

    The Perfect Bite™

  • Fat Idiot

    Fat Idiot

    Dag sedan

    I hate Jess already



    Dag sedan

    "Sautepn" is the new word for Saute Pan I never knew I needed

  • Joe Hut

    Joe Hut

    Dag sedan

    Are we sure it was a vinegar reduction though? I thought it was red wine..

  • Vee


    Dag sedan

    Jess do be dressed like that one iconic picture of the rock doe

  • Maldonado


    Dag sedan

    Green Ninja.

  • Md


    Dag sedan

    that's alot of effort for some noodles

  • Issa Kandil

    Issa Kandil

    2 dagar sedan

    there’s no other way to say it: Babish is in loveeeee!!!!

  • Valencia Ek

    Valencia Ek

    2 dagar sedan

    Babish dude, please I'm begging you, could you have a try at making the Harley Queen Breakfast sandwich?

  • Christina Estrada

    Christina Estrada

    2 dagar sedan

    9:22 I'm freaking dead💀💀💀

  • erin cooper

    erin cooper

    2 dagar sedan

    You should make the perfect breakfast sandwich from harley quinn : birds of prey

  • Cherilyn Wood

    Cherilyn Wood

    2 dagar sedan

    Trader Joe's sells these pre-flayed, marinated chickens & they are iNcReDiBLe. Just saying, in case you're like me & just like to watch Babish because it's so relaxing listening to him talk which results in being super lazy. EDIT: scratch that, I'm making DUCK BACON CARBONARA!! DAYUM!

  • Adam McClendon

    Adam McClendon

    2 dagar sedan

    ...who's part of the "Dirty Jess Club"

  • yeehaw


    2 dagar sedan

    i got an ad after the 'commercial break' i-

  • Lars Meyer

    Lars Meyer

    2 dagar sedan

    1:35 :D :D

  • Mitch


    2 dagar sedan

    Oh Andy... Aluminium... way to lead by example my man. This made me so happy.

  • bullstown4life


    2 dagar sedan

    Jess needs her own show like RIGHT NOW.

  • Archana Soren

    Archana Soren

    2 dagar sedan

    I want Andrew to stalk me 😂

  • This username is not unnecessarily long

    This username is not unnecessarily long

    2 dagar sedan

    *eats the egg yolk like a lemon drop*

  • Giang Hoàng

    Giang Hoàng

    2 dagar sedan

    as I know, here in Vietnam duck eggs are not safe to eat except u have fully cooked it. so, i may not wanna try that. but cured chicken eggs sounds amazing

  • Kim F

    Kim F

    2 dagar sedan

    I'm very sorry but i accidentally read the title "the perfect bitch"

  • Big Neuton

    Big Neuton

    3 dagar sedan

    thicc hot nasty ass chunks

  • Christofu Witzke

    Christofu Witzke

    3 dagar sedan

    "Wut." 🤣🤣🤣

  • Zuper_boi


    3 dagar sedan

    after this commercial break:
    ad starts playing
    me: WTF HOW?!?

    • Zahida Begum

      Zahida Begum

      3 dagar sedan

      They can put an ad anywhere in the video where ever they want to, crazy right?

  • Dennis Weggeman

    Dennis Weggeman

    3 dagar sedan

    Eating a pizza, but somehow this still makes me hungry!

    • Zahida Begum

      Zahida Begum

      3 dagar sedan

      They can put an ad where they want to, crazy right!

  • Liz Simpson

    Liz Simpson

    3 dagar sedan

    I'm going to make the chicken, potatoes and sauce tonight. But I'm planning to modify the sauce a bit. I'll update later.

    • Zahida Begum

      Zahida Begum

      3 dagar sedan

      How was it?

  • Ayu Paramecwari

    Ayu Paramecwari

    3 dagar sedan

    Hi there! been loving your videos even before you release a book! I got a question... if I want to smoke the duck with Oven (i've looked up the method) what do you suggest for the time and temperature (celcius)? Duck is definitely my favorite protein, and I've been looking for a non pork subs for bacon and pancetta! so this is perfect

  • Adventure Otaku

    Adventure Otaku

    3 dagar sedan

    Al-you-minimum. Small sauce pin. Babish is losing his mind.

  • Ambra


    3 dagar sedan

    Brad mention

  • Nivan Jeffries

    Nivan Jeffries

    3 dagar sedan

    Her: definitely a member of the Clean Jess Club
    Me: using Holmsian levels of deductive reasoning, i have discovered that Babish's real name... Is Plate!

  • Bailey DeNunzio

    Bailey DeNunzio

    3 dagar sedan

    Please please make soup dumplings like with soup in the dumplinggggg 🥟

    • Zahida Begum

      Zahida Begum

      2 dagar sedan

      Ur right

    • Bailey DeNunzio

      Bailey DeNunzio

      2 dagar sedan

      Zahida Begum their different

    • Zahida Begum

      Zahida Begum

      3 dagar sedan

      He made baozi before

  • Maciek Pawłowski

    Maciek Pawłowski

    3 dagar sedan

    I thought the reduction was a demi glace or something like that, not a balsamic reduction. I still think that might have been the case.

  • Greg Ruby

    Greg Ruby

    4 dagar sedan

    He only cooked the chicken to 155...its 165!

  • lanna a.

    lanna a.

    4 dagar sedan

    i dunno if i’m the first to say this but MORE JESS PLEASE!!! she’s wonderful

  • eeyore 69

    eeyore 69

    4 dagar sedan

    "Commercial break"
    *laughs in AdBlock*

  • foxy army

    foxy army

    4 dagar sedan

    I just finished watching ‘you’ 2weeks ago edit: I hated the ending

  • Jrizzy Exclusive

    Jrizzy Exclusive

    4 dagar sedan

    Babish I love you man but I see why you don’t put your girlfriend on the show

  • l p

    l p

    4 dagar sedan

    Why is everyone so shocked at the fact that they got a commercial after he said it, YouTube allows you to place your ad anywhere you want, you can clearly see his is is in the middle because of the little yellow line

  • Some Kid

    Some Kid

    4 dagar sedan

    Wow chicken-san your thighs are so meaty

  • TheCosmicSerpent


    4 dagar sedan

    Phew. I was screaming dont forget the balsamic!!! Then got deflated 🤣🤣🤣

  • Pearl’s Studio

    Pearl’s Studio

    4 dagar sedan

    When he said after this commercial break, there was an actual ad that played.

  • juíce


    4 dagar sedan

    “thick, hot, nasty ass chunks” WHWISJDORSKDJEOJD SO AGGRESSIVE LMAOO

  • Thirsty Ninja

    Thirsty Ninja

    4 dagar sedan

    did she say clean jess club, or clean chest club? either way its dirty as fuck!