5 Reasons You Need A Leo As Your BFF ♌ ft. @VH1 Love & Hip Hop & Basketball Wives | VH1

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Princess Love, Malaysia, Tammy Rivera, Jackie Christie and Spice that shows exactly what it's like for a Leo to be your best friend forever.
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5 Reasons You Need A Leo As Your BFF ♌ ft. Love & Hip Hop & Basketball Wives | VH1 svstore.info

  • Snow999


    Dag sedan

    I hate being a Leo, and I’m the worst friend y’all ever have. I don’t even have friends. My iPad is my friend. I can barley even speak to people, and I’m hideous. I can’t even dress good. I hate being a Leo, and I hate my life. I don’t match any zodiac signs

  • Karen Vidal

    Karen Vidal

    Dag sedan

    Honestly Spice was right, she shouldn’t be having the kids name in her mouth cause is not the kids fault for what they parents be doing. The kids are innocent

  • Kasha Thornton

    Kasha Thornton

    Dag sedan

    I'm a leo and proud of it where my leos at

  • Queeen Evess

    Queeen Evess

    2 dagar sedan

    Yea I’m a leooo I love leosss

  • MyNameIsA Secret

    MyNameIsA Secret

    2 dagar sedan

    Malaysia yawning at the rum tasting is definitely a Leo thing. Our mentality is get straight to the point of what you're saying don't waste our time long drawn out stories that may or may not go anywhere.

  • sheepy leepy

    sheepy leepy

    3 dagar sedan

    13:28 it deosint mean u have to keep the kids if ur not ready to raise or keep them stop acting dumb

  • Shaminka Cargile

    Shaminka Cargile

    3 dagar sedan

    My Birthday is 8/14/1982 PERiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIOD

  • Yungg Neika

    Yungg Neika

    4 dagar sedan

    leooo gang .🤘🏽♌️ , #August6th .🥳🤘🏽

  • leo 15xl

    leo 15xl

    5 dagar sedan

    ♌ ♋ yess

  • Douglas A Coleman jr

    Douglas A Coleman jr

    5 dagar sedan

    Yeah leo's. August 1st

    • I'm Black & I Say So

      I'm Black & I Say So

      Dag sedan

      That's my brothers bday. 💖💖💖

  • T H

    T H

    5 dagar sedan

    Jackie crying woulda took me out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you know how hard it is to stop laughing when you’re laughing like that (that pre-urination laugh)

  • T H

    T H

    5 dagar sedan

    Malaysia “well where they at”?” Wit a smile on her face has me weak 🤣🤣🤣

  • AyooCashley


    5 dagar sedan

    "shut yo ass up Spice 😒..." M O O D. lol

  • Thatnola Babe

    Thatnola Babe

    5 dagar sedan

    Aye me and princess got the same birthday and everything she was saying is so me

  • Jayy Monay

    Jayy Monay

    5 dagar sedan

    July 30 me and Tammy ayeee birthday twins🤗😁

  • üñïqüê kayy

    üñïqüê kayy

    6 dagar sedan

    I’m a leo😝😝.

  • dajahnay baker

    dajahnay baker

    6 dagar sedan

    Leo gangggggg

  • Tameika Johnson

    Tameika Johnson

    6 dagar sedan

    But Malaysia can't fight. 😂😂😂

  • amandaa rosee

    amandaa rosee

    7 dagar sedan

    alot of y’all leo’s need to be humbled in these comments 😂 , i’ma rising leo but DAYUM

  • Angela Brown

    Angela Brown

    7 dagar sedan

    Aries are extremely loyal too most of us

  • Kameesha Woodard

    Kameesha Woodard

    7 dagar sedan

    Rep for a leo.. I know I speak what's on my mind

  • April Long

    April Long

    7 dagar sedan

    She did not say “if I call you a bitch so what I’ll call you a bitch if I wanna call you a bitch” WHAT SHE SAID WAS “I didn’t call you a bitch if I wanted to I would have” see this is how words get twisted & drama gets started

  • Octavios Reaves

    Octavios Reaves

    7 dagar sedan

    Spice is being true full.

  • Chickfilasian :p

    Chickfilasian :p

    7 dagar sedan

    Im an aries watching this💀💀✋🏼

  • sierra darius

    sierra darius

    8 dagar sedan

    my bsf is a leo

  • Abriauna Jefferson

    Abriauna Jefferson

    8 dagar sedan

    August 5 1998.🥰 Leo ♌️ gangggg

  • its_me.B


    8 dagar sedan

    o,g me and spice birthdays so close august 7th and we both from Jamaica i love itttt

  • Mani


    8 dagar sedan

    Leo’s r so bold, I love Leo’s.

  • isabel longoria

    isabel longoria

    8 dagar sedan

    August 14 ♌️♌️♌️
    I love being a Leo & I love my leos

  • April Graham

    April Graham

    8 dagar sedan

    #TeamLeo #ProudLioness

  • Jewell •

    Jewell •

    8 dagar sedan

    Going on zodiac signs are basic as hell stop

  • Aja Rae

    Aja Rae

    9 dagar sedan

    Less 🦁🦁🦁♌♌♌♌

  • dropdeadbxtchh


    9 dagar sedan

    I have leo in my 11th house (house of friendships) LOVE my friends, LOYAL to my friends, ROD BITCH!

  • Dbabe Dbabe

    Dbabe Dbabe

    9 dagar sedan

    7:30 ... I would've been like bitchhh just because you cant speak more than one language Jackie's not funny.

  • Mahogany B

    Mahogany B

    9 dagar sedan

    Nah... with Jackie, that's that half Cancer side of her. I've never seen a mood change that fast except with emotional ass Cancers.

  • AndreNyce Gray

    AndreNyce Gray

    9 dagar sedan

    My Bestfriend Was A Leo And MAN When I Tell You Everything In This Video Is True About Them It Is. May My Bestfriend Rest In Peace

  • Quis Buffett

    Quis Buffett

    9 dagar sedan

    Malaysia is sooooo cute. Mmmmm

  • Chidi and Ijeoma

    Chidi and Ijeoma

    9 dagar sedan

    I hope we can move from the narrative of I had abortions and I'll yell it from the roof tops because it's my right to "I'm so thankful for the physical, emotional, financial and psychological support system I had to get me through my pregnancy and adoption process" #womendeservebetter #500blackbabieskilledeachday #murderisntaright

  • Ja'Corria Rhodes

    Ja'Corria Rhodes

    9 dagar sedan

    I'm a Leo birthday aug 1

  • Jade Wallace

    Jade Wallace

    9 dagar sedan

    me and malaysia have the same birthday !!

  • Victory 7

    Victory 7

    9 dagar sedan

    And these would be the straight facts. ☕️Yes, a Leo will get out of our bed to pull on sweats and apply Vaseline should you attempt to do one of our friends or family members. We will do that.

  • Kwon Cherry

    Kwon Cherry

    9 dagar sedan

    We are the best!! #TeamLeo

  • Shaneice Banks

    Shaneice Banks

    9 dagar sedan

    I'm a leo turn up 🤗 August 1

  • Denique One

    Denique One

    10 dagar sedan

    8/6 I want all leo friends any Leo's available for a loyal friend

  • Batman


    10 dagar sedan

    8:34, Maaan. I'm a guy and Malaysia is delicious. Very attractive.

  • Arii Fendí

    Arii Fendí

    10 dagar sedan

    omg mehgan 😦

  • Grace Grace

    Grace Grace

    10 dagar sedan

    Tryna tell the world we really are the best! Get you a Leo ♌️. You’ll never know anyone realer. #Aug16

  • LaTyra Christmas

    LaTyra Christmas

    10 dagar sedan

    August 15

  • Zarriann Allen

    Zarriann Allen

    10 dagar sedan

    Spice was a leo

  • Zarriann Allen

    Zarriann Allen

    10 dagar sedan

    All the reasons are true I'm a Leo we the best

  • Melissa Young

    Melissa Young

    11 dagar sedan

    They was being hella ugly at the rum
    tasting thing

  • Ariana Lolo

    Ariana Lolo

    11 dagar sedan

    I love spice

  • Shakala


    11 dagar sedan

    No wonder why Malaysia and Jackie go at it Leo vs Leo is something serious

  • Shakala


    11 dagar sedan

    August 10th 🦁

  • BeautyB Goddess

    BeautyB Goddess

    11 dagar sedan

    Sun sign Leo ♌️ 08/20
    Moon 🌝 sign Aries ♈️
    Rising sign Leo ♌️
    All fire 🔥 🔥🔥🔥

  • Alixandria Grace

    Alixandria Grace

    11 dagar sedan

    I may be dumb but I never knew bgc Meghan was in this 😂

  • Gemiya Patterson

    Gemiya Patterson

    12 dagar sedan

    I’m a leo🥰!

  • Saby


    12 dagar sedan

    Leo baby here YAAAAS ♌️

  • Lil Chocolate

    Lil Chocolate

    12 dagar sedan

    I hate Leo ♌️ men not sure about the women sincerely, A cancer ♋️ woman

  • Nay Nay

    Nay Nay

    12 dagar sedan

    My mama is a Leo ❤

  • Jacob Lauver

    Jacob Lauver

    12 dagar sedan

    Like and reply If your birth month and day is August 18th year doesn’t matter

  • Claudine 27

    Claudine 27

    12 dagar sedan

    Spice I love you so much

  • Evstathia Llapi

    Evstathia Llapi

    12 dagar sedan

    20 august anyone?

  • asia nicole

    asia nicole

    12 dagar sedan

    where my 🦁’s at ?

  • Rochelle Easley

    Rochelle Easley

    12 dagar sedan

    Team Leo, we loyal af but if u cross us.....you will get slayed

  • Aries


    13 dagar sedan

    Malaysia & Brandi acted like more than friends thst season.

  • Christopher Suggs

    Christopher Suggs

    13 dagar sedan

    I'm a leo aug 7th

  • crazywonderful241


    13 dagar sedan

    Leo's also get taken advantage of in friendships as well!

  • ZeMontia Howard

    ZeMontia Howard

    13 dagar sedan

    7:37 is the funniest part 🤣🤣🤣 jackie funny af but ima leo 🤪

  • bratz Tv

    bratz Tv

    13 dagar sedan

    Team Leo💕♌.

  • jeffybooo


    13 dagar sedan

    Malaysia may be cute n pretty, but she from the slums of Compton! They stay pullin up lol

  • Esthie H

    Esthie H

    13 dagar sedan

    “Shut yo a** up Spice.” LMAO

  • Katherine Ferris

    Katherine Ferris

    13 dagar sedan

    ohh jackie!!! Lol and she said that with all the seriousness lmfao

  • C. W

    C. W

    13 dagar sedan

    I F*CKING love Leos!

  • Leo Barnes

    Leo Barnes

    14 dagar sedan

    #Leogang🦁🦁♌🏆 August 12th

  • nessa


    14 dagar sedan

    leos already know wassup.

  • Vera Rose

    Vera Rose

    14 dagar sedan

    Sorry its about Virgos!!!!!!

    • MyNameIsA Secret

      MyNameIsA Secret

      2 dagar sedan

      Virgo season come and go by so quick no one even remembers it. Because Virgo season like Virgo ppl are so boring.

  • El W

    El W

    14 dagar sedan

    08-16 A Boss'

  • Donielle Bentley

    Donielle Bentley

    14 dagar sedan

    If i wasnt a Taurus I'd wanna be a Leo. I always wanted a summer birthday (July)

  • adalberto `ramirez

    adalberto `ramirez

    14 dagar sedan

    Malaysaia is the best.